We are a small family farm located 35 miles north of Metro Atlanta in the Hickory Flat Community.  Our goal is to provide fresh, sustainably grown foods for our family, and after that, to restaurants, individuals and farmers markets when we have enough.  The recent addition of a canning kitchen to our farm enables us to offer a variety of culinary and gardening classes as season and time permits. 

Our crops include open-pollinated heirloom varieties of field corn that we custom grind for grits and cornmeal, okra, field peas and green beans.  Other crops are grown from non-gmo seeds obtained from both organic and conventional seed companies.      

"Love me, love my dog..."         St. Bernard  

We avoid use of sprays, using only OMRI certified fungicides or insecticides if needed, being very specific in use in order to preserve the health of our bees. Fertilizers include composted horse or chicken manure as well as some conventional  fertilizers or blends of both, depending upon the crop.  We do not have organic or certified natural status at this time. 

Good food comes at a cost - labor being the greatest.  It is a pleasure to work with our hands to build a garden, but driving a tractor is not bad either!  Since we do not have full time help we use a combination of hand cultivation and machine, with emphasis on building soil tilth, crop rotation, cover cropping and promoting beneficial insect populations.  We are constantly learning what to do and what not to do in order to grow fruits and vegetables.  And we are appreciative of God's gifts of the land, water, sunshine and most of all, Family, giving back in as many ways as we can.