Looking forward to our next culinary adventure with Chef Tony Pisconeri!

We are so fortunate to have found our new friend, Chef Tony Pisconeri (actually, he found us!)  He adds a new dimension to the events here at BC Farm!  Here is more about Tony and his philosophy on living life to the fullest, eating well and being in good health!  

Chef Tony Pisconeri - Bio

A native of Cleveland Ohio, Chef Tony Pisconeri, aka Tony Pishnery brings much to the table. Learning the basics of cooking with his Italian Grandmothers, Tony developed a love for cooking at an early age. 

After a lifelong career as a commercial artist and creative director, Tony decided to take on culinary as a secondary profession studying at The International Culinary Institute at the Art Institute of Atlanta, to hone his culinary skill and art.

To honor his Italian heritage, Tony operates his culinary business under the name Pisconeri, the name of his immigrant Grandfather who entered this country in 1904 at Ellis Island.  The person transcribing his name mistakenly spelled it Pishnery.  Needless to say, it would have been difficult to make the correction, so his family has used that name since then.  However Tony honors his family by taking back the name Pisconeri for use in his culinary endeavors. 

A couple of years ago, Tony decided to make a serious lifestyle change and now places high importance on educating his audience about healthy food choices and ways to create classic meals using fresh, natural and local ingredients.  His philosophy is to cooking what is fresh, local and in season. Simple preparations keep the ingredients healthy and preserve their great flavor and nutrition. Keeping a close eye on portion control will help manage your weight and keep the pounds off.

After many years of being overweight (obese) and suffering from the complications associated with obesity, Tony finally decided to do something about it and used his nutrition education to get on the right track with diet, exercise and nutrition. Over the last year Tony has lost over 85 pounds, Reduced his waist size from a 48 to 30, eliminated his pre-type two diabetes, lowered his blood pressure to 120/60 and enjoy healthy skin, bones and hair (what little left he has). Tony has no signs of the diabetic neuropathy that he was starting to experience, and many, if not all, of the aches and pains that he was having on a daily basis are gone. Tony has regained his youthful energy and drive. He is in better shape now that he was in his twenties. Through nutrition and exercise, Tony now has six pack abs and no signs of the excess skin or flab left over from his former weight. “I feel GREAT!”

Tony teaches each culinary class/workshop with healthy eating and lifestyle in mind. Preparing fresh, in season, locally sourced foods with healthy cooking techniques are his key focus. Learning how to control sugars, fats, starch and portion control are all key elements in learning how to prepare foods for a healthy lifestyle.

Tony will also incorporate recipes and techniques for vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten free, low sodium and low fat diets to name a few.

 For information about his next class, visit Tony's webpage at