Windy Day!

This is a day to take care of indoor chores for sure.  Problem is that there are too many to choose from!  So I'll start in the home kitchen, maybe clean out the refrigerator and make some soup.  That is if there is anything edible in there!  Sometimes I get so busy with the outdoor things its tough to keep up with inside stuff, especially now that we have the canning kitchen.  But ultimately it gets done I guess...just not as quickly as one would like. 

This afternoon we'll work on preparing some baby foods for Zoe.  RP and I made a trip to the market (the BIG one) yesterday to get sugar for bee syrup (no, its not made out of bees) and visited Romero's stand to pick up some fresh produce, beans, spices, hibiscus flowers and tamarindo for teas. Not like home grown, but it will do in a pinch.  I hope to work on the guavas to make jelly today, if not, tomorrow.